Blyths Catching Patterns for Jubilee Lakes

Blyths Catching Patterns for Jubilee Lakes

Blyth Palmer always bucks the trend though. He had 13 trout last time he was here at the weekend and another 12 today. He had a lovely 5 pounder this morning but caught on his favourite pattern - the Fluffcat. 

Blyth has six favourite patterns he uses here but they aren't standard stuff. He's been kind enough to let us have a look. No emergers here - they aren't his style - but these are certainly deadly patterns.

Left from top: Orange & Coral Blob; Yellow Buzzer - this has the finest silver glitter in the varnish; Black buzzer with a tiny red bead head, red wire rib and the finest peacock herl collar.

Right from top: The Fluffcat; The Double 'O' - (olive & orange); finally the Olive Zonker.

Blyth's tip - vary the retrieve!

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