Privacy Policy


At The Anglers' Lodge we do not disclose buyers' information to third parties except where required in the processing of their order. In this case, the third party (Worldpay or PayPal) will not disclose any of your details to any other third party.


We are very concerned about your privacy and your experience when using our site. To make your experience better, we have taken the following measures to optimise the performance of our site and enhance the security of information you have entrusted us with.

Your Personal Information

Any personal information that we may collect from you is used only by us, to contact you if you have an enquiry and to inform you of upcoming promotions, products, services or changes that we may have made to our site. This information is not redistributed to any other entity and is designed to be accessed only by authorised personnel here at the Anglers' Lodge. We do not share your personal information with other companies.

Security and Encryption

We encrypt all personal information while it is being transmitted via the Internet to our servers. We also encrypt sensitive information in our database. This is to provide maximum protection from Internet fraud for our customers.

Site Optimisation and Cookie Usage

We use cookies to maintain customer state, shopping cart information, and favourites information where these are applicable. If supplied by you we do not store any financial or sensitive information using cookies. This allows us to improve the performance of our website while maintaining your security. If you choose to disable cookies, some functions of the website will not work; however, you will still be able to use our search and browse features.