Fario Blobs, Fabs & Eggs

The FAB first made an appearance on the competition fly fishing scene around 2008.  This fly is almost a hybrid of a Booby and a Blob since the foam tail gives the buoyancy of a Booby and the Fritz body gives the appeal of the devastatingly effective Blob.  These flies can be fished successfully on a variety of lines. It is the unique way in which these FABS are tied at Fario Fly which sets them above the rest. Just the right amount of foam in the tail to ensure that whether you use this fly on a floater or a sinker it will do the job. In addition to this the foam tail is cut in half which eliminates the risk of the fly spinning and resulting in a tangled leader.  
Without a doubt the favourite use for the FAB is to fish the washing line method with either buzzers or nymphs.