Tyings for the Waterhen Bloa

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Product Description

Materials suggested to tie this pattern including hook options:-

  • Partridge Classic Spider Hook L3AS or Kamasan B410. Sizes 14/16/18
  • Pearsall's No.3 Primrose Silk, well waxed*
  • Mole fur & rabbit mix touch dubbed for the body
  • Coot/ Moorhen Hackle

Notes: Coot/ Moorhen is very difficult to get hold of and often out of stock. Just in case we've listed jackdaw scalp as this is more readily available.

*Uni-Thread 6/0 Lt Cahill could be used as an alternative to Pearsalls which is no longer available. For smaller hooks use Uni-Thread 8/0. Pearsall's No.3 Primrose Silk, well waxed*

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