Snowbee Clip-On Adjuster Sunspecs


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Product Description

These are undoubtedly the neatest Clip-on sunglasses we have ever come across!

Weighing in at an unbelievable 4.8g, the lightweight, frameless lenses, fit over your glasses using an innovative centre spring tensioner.
Simply position the two rubberised clips at one end, over the lens of your glasses, extend the centre spring to clip the other end, over the opposite lens and release. The centre spring tensioner will hold them firmly in position. They are so light you won’t even know you’re wearing them!
Fitted with TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses for superb polarisation and outstanding optical clarity.

Sizes: Colours
Available in two lens tints – Smoke Green or Amber and in two sizes. Small: Lens sizes 54mm x 33mm. Large: Lens sizes 59mm x 38mm.

Choose the Small size for glasses with an overall glasses lens width of between 118mm (4 5/8”) and 125mm (4 7/8”). Choose the Large size for glasses with an overall glasses lens width of between 125mm (4 7/8”) and 135mm (5 3/8”).

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