Fario IPN Biscuit #8


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The IPN or "Idiot Proof Nymph" is probably the most basic lure used on small waters and reservoirs alike. These Lures are essentially long marabou tailed flies with fritz bodies, a matching hot head bead and contrasting varnished thread collar. All of this makes for a very simple but very effective fly. They are superb at catching stocked fish. Fish them singularly or teamed with another IPN. For the Biscuit version a favourite matching fly is IPN Orange for freshly stocked fish or IPN White Cat for clear water.

All Fario IPN Nymphs have fluttering marabou tails with exactly 4 strands of extra fine UV flash just to give it them extra appeal. 

  • Hook- Heavy Wet Size 8
  • Bead- 3.8 mm Chartreuse with signature pupil eyes.
  • Overall length- Approx 6cm.
  • Tail- White Premium Marabou with fine UV Flashabou.
  • Body- 1/3rd Sunburst Blob Fritz, 2/3 Biscuit Coral Fritz.
  • International Comp legal- No.
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