Novice Round 2 - Red Tag Shuttlecock Buzzer

Magnus Angus chooses one of the most popular buzzer emergers as the Round 2 'set fly' for the Novice Section for this year's Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine's Fly Tying League Competition.

We have listed a range of possible materials but as with all fly tying the advice is to tie it in the way you think best with the materials of your choice. We have a massive range of alternatives available in the fly tying section of our website.

Additional Details: The Partridge SUD2 is the replacement for the Partridge Ideal Standard Dry. The cock pheasant fibres may be natural or black. The wire silver gold or copper and the dubbing material may be any dark dubbing.

Magnus tying video for the Red Tag Shuttlecock Buzzer and below that listings for various materials -